Episode 3 – Matt Ryan is Dreamy

On our third episode, Mike reports back from Tampa Bay Comic Con, turns out Matt Ryan is dreamy, we go off on a tangent that most likely had to do with Matt Ryan being dreamy, we discuss the Deadpool trailer (and the ramifications of Deadpool being a ‘good’ movie), Will and Steve give their take on the Fantastic Four movie (being the only two of us to watch it), we check in on the Marvel Cinematic (and TV) Universe and give them some suggestions (they listen to this podcast, right?), Ben makes a shocking confession that may change the way you view him forever, Jason nerds out, Kat admits to watching ‘The Avengers’ nine times in theaters (but still hasn’t seen plenty of other movies), and we have our first guest spotlight where we discuss the guest’s work and what each of us is looking forward to with having this guest at Pensacon 2016!

– Recorded August 7, 2015

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