Episode 4 – The Elephant on the Gulf Coast

On our fourth episode, we respond to another podcast that was wondering about coverage at the next Pensacon, We discuss the enigmatic event that popped up on Friday – Gulf Coast Comic Con, the whole gang talks about what we like in a convention and what our design philosophy is, we have a couple of announcements for next Pensacon, you find out what ‘SciFi Steve Dating’ is and how to participate, we discuss VIP and why some of you might be excited come September 1st, and our guest spotlight is of a guest that helped to reshape comics in the ’90s where you’ll also learn more of Jason’s mysterious comic book past. All that and more on this week’s episode!

– Recorded August 14, 2015

One comment on “Episode 4 – The Elephant on the Gulf Coast

  1. VIP all the way, it is worth every penny for the experience. Going down to the vender floor and just being able to look and browse. Head of the line is worth it for the panels, I had the chance to see every one of them that I wanted to see. The parties offered after the convention and badge entry to them… nice. It is SO much flipping fun. Oh, and nerd speed dating…my daughters all had a blast. The creepers are kept at bay and they felt totally safe doing the event…the whole of Pensacon is pretty safe. So thank you guys for that too and Charles with his Imperial Guard. Shout out for awesome safety.

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