Episode 5 – The What Who of Pensacon

On our fifth episode, we talk about how much Pensacon loves Pensacola and will be staying in Pensacola, we talk again about a few of the goals of having both Pensacon and Gulf Coast Comic Con, we discuss some of the people who help with Pensacon that you never see, we discuss Ronda Rousey as Captain Marvel as well as a casting suggestion from Kat, we revisit Farvel stuff and some other casting critiques, we learn how Mike feels about Superman, Kat schools Jason on some Doctor Who things, an announcement about upcoming volunteer opportunities, turns out there are girls who like Doctor Who now, we discuss next year’s Pensacon commercial, and our guest spotlight has a good heart deep inside that little potato. Who could it be?

– Recorded August 21, 2015

P.S. Jason is way wrong on Capaldi’s age.

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